The Science of Product Design ...DevelopmentDNA™
MIDI's Method of Predictable Success™

As companies strive to enhance competitiveness and profitability through the products they develop and market, several challenges must be met in order to capture marketplace opportunities, including the design and production of innovative products based on such opportunities.

MIDI consistently meets these challenges ensuring their clients Predictable Success™ through deployment of our proprietary design process called DevelopmentDNA™. MIDI facilitates a stepped, certain method of Product Development, addressing all stages of design from innovation to productionization. DevelopmentDNA's™ Methodology provides for unprecedented thoroughness in securing product development end results. The process begins with Discovery Research and the application of appropriate levels of MIDI's Multi-talented Disciplines including, but not limited to: Market Research, Industrial Design, Engineering, Manufacturing Design and Prototyping.

MIDI's DevelopmentDNA™ affords market insight, enabling the quantification and qualification of a product's end-user's identity, behaviors, and needs in a highly detailed manner. Additionally, it provides the wherewithal to blend in Product Branding, Innovative Design and concrete, reliable Engineering and Manufacturing Production Solutions. This achieved awareness allows MIDI to respond with intelligent, informed, targeted development programs emanating from top level strategies.

MIDI provides Strategic Development Solutions for the clients we serve.



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