The Science of Product Design ...DevelopmentDNA™
MIDI's Method of Predictable Success™

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Step 1: Discovery Research™
Next-Step products begin with obtaining information to gain a comprehensive understanding of project parameters as well as the needs of the end-user and client. The information amassed in Discovery Research™ forms the building blocks for product priority insight, which is the catalyst for Strategic Innovation. MIDI's multidisciplinary teams meet with client's staff for structured group meetings to identify and document all relevant facets of Marketing, Design, Engineering and Branding. Information is collected for the formulation of innovative views, leading to product development opportunities.

Step 2: Systems Analysis™
Based on collected insight and information in Discovery Research™, MIDI deploys its research group providing clients with the proprietary design process called Systems Analysis™. This process provides a fast and certain means of formulating and prioritizing Discovery Research™ data for the purpose of zeroing in on innovative product design and engineering solutions. Systems Analysis™ refinement process focuses and defines the "fuzzy front end," yielding a solid understanding of marketing, design and engineering needs from which innovative and appropriate design solutions readily emanate. Success is greatly enhanced and is virtually predictable.

Step 3: Innovation & Definition
Reflecting on the Strategic Importance of the information discovered and uncovered in the previous Steps, MIDI moves forward creating product direction and innovative concepts that capitalize on the newly realized opportunities. MIDI's multidisciplinary teams work with their client in formulating and selecting the optimum development path, defining all design, engineering, manufacturing, configurations and relationships. The development step methodology allows the creation of innovative breakthroughs that constitute cost-effective solutions. The path to Integration & Implementation is now set.

Step 4: Integration & Implementation
MIDI's Total Capability posture allows for the design and engineering of innovative products that meet the most stringent client and agency requirements and characteristics set forth, to the finest level of manufacturing and production detail. "In-house" Disciplines are extensive and all encompassing, allowing every element of the development cycle to be addressed. MIDI staff is comprised of Professional Engineers, Industrial Designers, Marketing, Human Factors and Prototyping Experts. Our cross-functional project teams work in concert to produce outstanding production results quickly and cost-effectively. We make it happen.

Step 5: Production/Rollout
MIDI supports their clients through the final critical step of vendor selection, production details coordination, communication, and agency approvals. MIDI's ability to oversee all tooling details and 1st article production ensures not only our client's success... it ensures our success.


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